Some Amy Winehouse parodies -- because we all love a good train wreck

By Niki D’Andrea

Amy Winehouse has a leg up on Britney Spears.

If U.K. pop/pipe chanteuse Amy Winehouse was an American pop star living in the States, we’d never hear about Britney Spears. Sure, a sheared Spears might attack the paparazzi with an umbrella, but Winehouse still makes her look like a Disney kid by comparison. Winehouse is arrested/cautioned for suspicion of drug possession and assault so often that we’ve completely lost track of her debauched trajectory down into the dregs. At the very least, she could do with a lower-maintenance hairdo than that damn beehive she’s been sporting for two years. It doesn’t seem to hold up well in the drunk tank.

While doing a search for footage of Winehouse on YouTube, we came across some hilarious parodies by L.A.-based performance artist Stevie Ryan, a.k.a. The Real Paris. Check ‘em out below -- because you’ve gotta have a little levity in life, even if -- like Winehouse -- you seem to be trying your damndest to die by the end of the year.

The clip below is titled “Amy Winehouse in bloody brawl,” and as of this writing, it’s received a little more than 1.7 million views:

And here is “Amy Winehouse fights with the paparazzi,” which has netted more than half a million views so far.

If you dig these little pieces of imploded pop culture, you can find more parodies like this on YouTube, and you can also check out Stevie Ryan’s MySpace page.

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