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Some Girls don't do eyeliner. They aren't sweet. They don't take things lightly. Oh yeah, and they're dudes. The brutality on the five-piece's latest disc, Heaven's Pregnant Teens, is honest and intentional. Some Girls have continued to refine the art of orchestrated chaos with layers upon layers of guitars and constantly fluctuating time signatures. Basically, Some Girls get noisy hardcore, and they're really good at it. While they make a point to tell damn near everyone that they're not a side project, that doesn't mean Some Girls don't share members with a few notable groups. The band's wicked, shout-style vocals are courtesy of American Nightmare and Give Up the Ghost's Wes Eisbold. The screeching riffs are compliments of Chuck Rowell (Plot to Blow Up the Eiffel Tower) and Rob Moran (Unbroken). The deep bass grooves, particularly notable on the new track "You'll Be Happier With Lower Standards," are the work of The Locust's Justin Pearson. And rounding things out is drummer Sal Gallegos. These guys may have other gigs, but listen to any of their Some Girls songs and it's clear you're getting their best work.
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