Some Photos from a Friend

IMG_8042.jpg I missed the Crowded House/Liam Finn show last Thursday at the Marquee, but one of the swell guys who occasionally takes photos of bands for my column was there, and sent me these shots as well as a pretty rave review of the gig. The photog is Luke Holwerda, and this is what he told me about the show: It was a rad show!!! Liam Finn (Neil's son) opened the show...just him...guitar...3 amps...loop pedal...and a drum set. It was kick ass dude! It was so nice to see something different. It was almost indie (i hate that word)...but like...indie with great lyrics...and more than 3 chord songs. and it was all just him. Crowded House...phew...come on! I had a blast! What can i say?

My thanks to Luke, and more photos from the show are after the jump...


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