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Much like the Unlimited EP and 8 Million Stories album that preceded it three years ago, RJD2 and Blueprint's latest is a true superstar collaboration. Each of the 13 songs on Things Go Better With RJ & Al draws from the two members' strengths, namely RJD2's quality hip-hop beats and Blueprint's superior narrative skills. The latter rhymes about shooting Jägermeister and "waking up with a girl that look like David Letterman" ("Blame It on the Jäger"); and warning his 8-year-old niece about boys ("The Cool Thing to Do"). Some of his lyrics are pretty funny, but others may be offended when he raps on "Drugs, Sex, Alcohol, Rock-n-Roll" about a church girl who is molested by her father, and "She never quite recovered/So when she has sex now it's with a woman." Nevertheless, Blueprint's lucid views help make Things Go Better With RJ & Al a solid banger from start to finish.
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Mosi Reeves