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Souls of Mischief, and Luckyiam.PSC

Underground hip-hop crews may not have the flash and bling of their mainstream counterparts, but they usually get the last laugh via artistic credibility and career longevity. (When was the last time you heard from a No Limit soldier or a Cash Money Millionaire?) On Saturday, June 19, you get emissaries from two long-running Bay Area hip-hop collectives with impressive track records of musical creativity and concert showmanship. The four-strong, high-energy Souls of Mischief -- a cornerstone act of the Hieroglyphics crew -- came out of the gate in the early '90s with jazzy backpacker rap reminiscent of Tribe and De La, but their beats and rhymes have since gotten grittier and more experimental. Meanwhile, Luckyiam.PSC is co-founder of the fabled Living Legends crew (which also counts Murs, Aesop, and Grouch among its members) and one-half of the trippy, abstract Mystik Journeymen. Solo, he brings a thinking man's flow and a rump shaker's breakbeats -- the dope shit that never goes out of style.
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Michael Alan Goldberg