Sound Struck Benefit Show April 31: Taboo's Solo Debut, Chris Rock Beatboxing, Michael Moore Covers Kenny Rogers

The Sound Struck strikes again. The group is leading a boycott of Arizona and features a handful of passionate musicians along with a bunch of people who have nothing to do with music whatsoever but wish to voice their opposition to a crazy immigration law that was blocked by a federal judge before it took effect anyway. Now, it's really flexing its muscles with a huge benefit show just across the state line in Laughlin, Nevada.

Unfortunately for boycott supporters, the biggest acts committed to their cause -- Nine Inch Nails and Rage Against The Machine -- are no longer active. Most of the other Sound Struckers are small potatoes indie rock bands that only a tiny and almost uniformly liberal segment of society gives a shit about. Since it's hard for bands to boycott something when they're broken up anyway, or have a serious impact when they'd only play for 500 people (498 of whom would support their cause) The Sound Struck is making do with what it has.

That means that Taboo, the little-known fourth Black Eyed Pea who is literally the one person associated with any of Billboard's top 50 touring acts of 2010 associated with the boycott, headlines this benefit show. This will be a special show for Taboo, as it represents the debut of his new solo project. Word around the campfire is that his set will feature Taboo standing in front of a giant video screen showing footage of Fergie and Will.I.Am, providing low-volume backup vocals and doing a few dance moves in sync with the screen.

"If you like what Taboo brings to the Black Eyed Peas, you're gonna love this," says an unnamed source within the group.

Michael Moore, who joined the Sound Struck despite never performing a note of music in his life, will also be on the bill. In addition to giving the lineup some raw sex appeal, Moore plans to play Kenny Rogers greatest hits on the theremin. According to our source, Moore believes that "no Nevada crowd would ever boo a song by Kenny 'The Gambler' Rogers," no matter how rough the rendition.

Chris Rock, who tells a lot of jokes about rappers, and once made a movie about rappers, but is not, himself, actually any sort of rapper, will beatbox for "whoever wants to come up and freestyle some shit."

Tenacious D was added to the bill at the last minute to give the show serious moral authority. The acoustic duo, most famous for their dick jokes, fart jokes and suite of songs about partying with Satan, is considered to be by far the most serious and creditable act on the entire Sound Struck roster. Their somber set should really put things in perspective, reminding everyone about the importance of boycotting an entire state because of a stupid law that will almost certainly never go into effect in any meaningful way.

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Martin Cizmar
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