Soundcheck, Casey Donahew Band, and Lenny Kravitz Over the Weekend

New Times Soundcheck 2012 Night 1

New Times Soundcheck kicked off with 14 diverse and talented bands. Regardless of personal tastes, every performer was entertaining to watch. Like most music festivals, the artists played at overlapping times and made for some difficult decisions. Fortunately, the festival is arranged so that you can spend at least 15 minutes watching every band on the lineup.

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Casey Donahew band at Denim and Diamonds

"Up all night sippin' on whiskey n' drinkin' beer." Well, that definitively described the concert by the Casey Donahew Band last night.

The energy level was so high, you almost didn't notice that drummer TAZ was missing. He was in the hospital, but the band stepped it up and soldiered on without him. J.J. Soto, lead guitarist played drums for the night, while A.C. Copeland, keyboardist took over lead guitar for the night.

The parking lot was already packed, lines out the door and everyone singing and dancing of course. Read more.

New Times Soundcheck Night 2

Two stages: check.

Fourteen bands: check.

Sound: check.

The New Times Soundcheck Festival concluded last night at Club Red with 14 kickass local acts. Day two emulated Friday's kickoff with a varied musical palate that included an injection of Valley hip-hop flavor for your ear.

The bands were divvied up between the second and main stages and provided a welcome ebb and flow to the night.

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Lenny Kravitz and Raphael Saadiq at Comerica Theatre

Lenni and Lenny, together at last. Until last night, I had been waiting years to say that.

The baby-making music was full-speed ahead at Lenny Kravitz's show Sunday night. Clearly, the crowd was disgustingly excited, everyone on their feet before Kravitz even took the stage.

He easily proved that he's still the same rock 'n' roll sex symbol he's been for so many years. Plus, the guy's still cool enough to pull off wearing sunglasses (indoors!) on stage.

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