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Sounds of the Underground

There are some things in life that most people agree are worth experiencing. The duration of a sunset, airplane sex, and an in-person peek at the Grand Canyon are all commonly agreed upon as must-do things by everyone, even if only done just once. Local residents will soon be able to cross one more mandatory life experience off their respective to-do lists, because Oderus Urungus, Jizmak the Gusher, and the other awesomely repulsive members of GWAR are coming to Mesa this Sunday. Widely recognized as one of the most entertaining live acts of the past 20 years, the legendarily messy metal band is bringing its sexually deviant stage show to the Valley as part of this summer's Sounds of the Underground tour. Sponsored by the Hot Topic chain of subculturally marketed clothing stores, the mall-metal festival includes more than a dozen other metal and hardcore music acts. The average person might live happily without ever having seen a performance from some of the lower-profile supporting acts on this tour, but reflecting on a life without GWAR would be a bit more regrettable.
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Daniel Raven