Sour Soul, Indie Band from Mexico City, Coming to Arizona (Shhhhh, No One Tell Sheriff Joe)

Sour Soul, a funky indie-rock band from Mexico City, will be at Rogue Bar on March 8.

Please, no one mention this to Sheriff Joe. True, the band played 110 other dates north of the border last year, and, yes, they don't particularly look like the economically-oppressed small-town Mexican day laborers he normally likes to target, but you can't be too careful. I'd hate to see guys like this in one of Joe's joints. Oof.

You can hear a track from Sour Soul below -- it's fun, bouncy stuff, and it's even in English. They'll be promoting their new record l'appel du vide with 70 shows in the U.S. of A, going from California to New York.

Sour Soul's records have gotten rave reviews in some quarters, too. This blurb is a little too gushy if you ask me, but good for them:

"If the Beatles and Phish tripped out on acid while on the road together and had an orgy, their collective orgasm would be this album." -Gozamos.

Yikes, right? Well judge for yourself!

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