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Source Victoria Covers Built to Spill

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Wishful thinking often leads to wishful drinking. The results are usually disastrous, but in Source Victoria's case, it resulted in a great Built to Spill cover.

"We played it once when we were drunk," says singer/guitarist Brendan Murphy. "I screwed up the lyrics, which is typical for me."

The band practiced some more and decided to play "Randy Described Eternity" for us. Check it out after the jump.

"For better or worse, Built to Spill's live shows are memorable," Murphy says. "I saw the band on their You in Reverse tour in '06 or '07 and danced with everyone else who seemed to think it was a Grateful Dead concert."

"It's always a crap-shoot watching them because you know how much pot they smoke before the show is based on how many songs they play," says guitarist/singer Aaron Wendt. "If they smoke a lot of pot, they'll play a total of like five songs over two hours and it will turn into a jam session and it's most of the time bad. If they're relatively sober, it's amazing."

The band joked about how they were low on pot last night, as they shortened the song.

"We were pretty faithful to the song, I think up until the middle part just before the last verse, we change it up a little bit. It winded up being a kind of crescendo-y thing. Other than that, I'm surrounded by guys that are pretty good, so we could actually pull it off pretty well, but that's being pretty immodest. We tried to stick to the record version as best we could. We trimmed the end down, that's the stoner part," says Murphy.

Source Victoria is scheduled to perform with World Record, Bogan Via, and Vinyl Station at Rogue Bar on Sunday, September 2.

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