South Park Mexican, Ludacris, Britney Spears, and Lil Rob Are Just Some Of What's Selling At Circles Records & Tapes

Carlos Coy (a.k.a. South Park Mexican): Sentenced to spend the the next four decades or so in the pokey.

The life of Texas rapper Carlos Coy (a.k.a. South Park Mexican) is a tale of triumph, terror, and tragedy.

As John Nova Lomax, current staff writer and former music editor for our sister publication Houston Press, exhaustively documented in his 2002 profile of Coy entitled "South Park Monster," Coy hustled his way from inauspicious life of a crack-dealing gangster to become a blockbuster rapper with sick lyrical flows, thousands of fans, and a major label deal.

The hip-hop artist's life then went directly into the shitter, as he was convicted in May 2002 of molesting a nine-year old girl and was sentenced to 45 years in prison.

Despite the fact he'll probably be doing hard time until the middle part of this century (or possibly because of this fact), Coy's albums continue to sell phenomenally well. Many in his fanbase clamor for the dude's release from prison and his newest disc The Last Chair Violinist (the title of which refers to his prodigious talents on said instrument as an adolescent) has climbed up the Billboard charts since its release last month.

It's also flying off the shelves at Circles Records & Tapes, 800 North Central Avenue, as evidenced by its top position on the store's list of top 10 best sellers for the week of December 8-15. The rest of the list of what else is getting sold at the shop follows the jump.

1. South Park Mexican, The Last Chair Violinist (Dope House Records)
2. Ludacris, Theater of the Mind (Disturbing tha Peace)
3. Kanye West, 808s & Heartbreak (Roc-A-Fella)
4. Scarface, Emeritus (Rap-A-Lot)
5. E-40, The Ball Street Journal (Sik Wid It)
6. Britney Spears, Circus (Jive)
7. Lil Rob, Twelve Eighteen, Pt. 2 (Upstairs)
8. Robin Thicke, Something Else (Star Trak)
9. T.I., Paper Trail (Grand Hustle)
10. Beyoncé, I Am... Sasha Fierce (Columbia)

If you're an owner of a local independent music store and would like to have your best sellers posted on Up On The Sun, send me an e-mail at benjamin.leatherman@newtimes.com or call 602-229-8449. -- Benjamin Leatherman

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