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Spawn of Steppchild

On Tuesday, which happens to be the one time this century that the calendar's readout is 6/6/6, the local rawk prophets in Steppchild -- Adam Jacobsen, Adam Roach, and Adam Carter -- will debut the band's long-in-the-making rock opera, appropriately titled King, Adam. (And yes, the comma is supposed to be there -- the main character's name is Adam King.)

The cohesive 16-song opus promises to push Steppchild's already maniacal stage show to a whole new level. The story takes place in fictional America City, and chronicles the battle between The New Kings, an idealistic band that preaches rock 'n' roll as salvation, and its nemeses, predictably named FM Radio and Corporate Sponsor. And no, there's not much subtlety in the fable these three Adams are bringing to the stage.

Through songs with titles like "My God Is Rock & Roll" and "Captain Guitar," The New Kings struggle against FM Radio and Corporate Sponsor to convince the citizens of America City that only rock 'n' roll can save them and make them assets to humanity, until finally Adam King signs a deal with the devil and becomes Captain Guitar. He finally defeats his enemies, but suffers for it in the end.

Steppchild's currently working on a studio recording of King, Adam, and has even written a score, so that the rock opera can be performed by other musicians and actors and eventually become a fully fleshed-out stage production. Think of it as the son of Adams.

"We've been absolutely resolute on not prostituting the fact that we're all named Adam," Jacobsen explains. "We've literally been working on [the rock opera] for a couple of years. We had a main character that was nameless for so fucking long. We already knew his last name would be King, and one night it just came to me that it would be appropriate for him to be named Adam as well. We've been on a royalty kick forever, basically since the inception of the band. It made it so much easier to write about this guy once we had a name."

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Brendan Joel Kelley