Speedy Ortiz Rock Away the Twerp Blues

This comically dystopian time we live in makes a lot more sense viewed through the lens of Speedy Ortiz. The Massachusetts indie-rock band led by Sadie Dupuis return this year with Twerp Verse, a scorching riff-driven record just as snarky and smirk-ridden as its title.

“Life is carnage,” Dupuis sings on “Lucky 88,” just before celebrating the dumb luck of being born into this bonkers chapter of history. There’s a dark but whimsical irony about having all the connectivity in the world, only to realize that people are dumber than you ever imagined. It’s a story only Speedy could tell, as Dupuis surrounds herself with moronic bros on “Alone With Girls,” and pushy creeps on “Villain.” But the demons of a maniacal reality are exorcised through relentless riffage.

Dupuis is an unquestionable guitar hero, and Twerp Verse is only more evidence to this truth. With her ferocious knack for songwriting, the torch lit by Liz Phair and Juliana Hatfield is burning bright in good hands. Joined by the excellent Anna Burch, and LA singer-songwriter Samira Winter, this tour is not one to miss.

Speedy Ortiz perform Tuesday, June 5, at The Rebel Lounge. Tickets are $13 to $15 at therebellounge.com.

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