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Spice Up Your Life With The Spice Girls Musical

After reading Lenni Rosenblum's blog about Dave Matthews Band, I considered calling this "Fuck you, I Love The Spice Girls," but the thing is, I don't think I'm alone here. The Spice Girls got their share of critical jabs, I'm sure, for for a certain generation of girls (yeah, mostly girls) born in the late '80s, The Spice Girls are an institution immune to ideas about what's cool and what isn't.

We had our own British invasion full of girl power and platform shoes in the mid to late '90s. You may want to write this off as just another silly '90s trend, but the gals still have quite the following-- the group's 2007 reunion show in London sold out in 38 seconds. The ladies are once again inspiring millennial girls to whisper their hopes of a world tour thanks to the announcement of the official Spice Girls musical, Viva Forever, which was announced on the 16th anniversary of the premiere of "Wannabe."

All five girls appeared together and Scary Spice didn't look the least bit scary, in fact, she looked elegant, and center-of-attention-as-usual Ginger laughed a bit about her initial departure from the group.

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Melissa Fossum
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