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Sponge, Seven Mary Three and Days Of The New At Celebrity Tonight Canceled

We're used to seeing the occasional Motown review or single original member-led hair metal act come through Celebrity Theatre, but tonight's show was supposed to be an oldies extravaganza of another stripe.

Three post grunge acts who never gave up the ghost -- Sponge ("Molly," "Wax Ecstatic"), Days of the New ("Touch, Peel and Stand") and Seven Mary Three ("Cumbersome") -- were play the same bill, but the show was mysteriously axed earlier this week. I can't imagine Phoenix was showing a lack of enthusiasm for three big post-grunge acts? This stuff is all you hear playing over the speakers at most Valley malls.

Oh well. I hate these shows, not because I have anything against guys who refuse to give up the diluted form of rockstardom they're left with a decade after their meteoric careers peaked, but because it makes me feel old. Really old. I own records by all three of these bands, and I'm positive I owned them before I could drive.

The above video of Sponge Performing "Molly (16 Candles)" comes from the 13th Annual Buzz Bakesale at Palm Beach, Florida's Cruzan Amphitheatre back in December. I'd like to think Sponge has actually played this festival in each of it's 13 years, moving a little earlier on the bill each year, but I suspect that isn't so.Sadly, this is the closest you'll get to seeing them right now.

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