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Local knob twiddler Cory Spotts has made quite a name for himself at a young age by producing some of the best edgy acts in town at his

Blue Light Audio Media

studio. Barely into his mid-20's now, Spotts (who I profiled last year in my


) has a portfolio that includes Job For A Cowboy, the Stilletto Formal, Greeley Estates, the Necronauts, DeSole, and the January Taxi. So chances are you've heard his work.

But you might have missed the fact that Spotts has his own project, a lush rock group by the name Seconds to Breathe. The band's put out a full length album entitled Sirens and a four-song EP called The Listener, each with its songs labeled as chapters rather than tracks. The music is far from the brutalimetal of Job For A Cowboy or the spazziness of Stilletto Formal, but it's good listening on its own merits. Check it...

"Ch. 11 The Life Inside":

"Ch. 4 Hanging Around":


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