St. Patrick's Day Massacre

I wasn't sure what to do tomorrow for Saint Patrick's Day; I'm Irish as fuck, but my local Irish pub, Casey Moore's, is a madhouse on 3/17, with souped up prices and a bunch of jackasses crowding the place. Another alternative had to found.

Luckily, I saw Jared from the Liar's Handshake last night and we concocted a plan where I'd shadow the band throughout its three-show day, watching to see if they can manage to stay sober enough to make it to the third show. There's a Liar's Handshake tradition (that I've happily participated in) where everyone slams a 40 of Mickey's before their set; that doesn't include all of the other beverages usually imbibed.

At ten a.m. the Liars will be playing the block party in front of Seamus McCaffreys in downtown Phoenix, rocking a two hour set. Later in the day, the band opens for Flogging Molly at Mesa Amphitheatre, and later still, the Liar's Handshake is headlining Scottsdale's St. Paddy's Day block party. Now that should be some funny shit, watching manager Sean Shepherd try to wrangle the boys away from the booze and get them loaded up and to the next venue on time. I'll let you know how it goes.

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