St Ranger Explains "It's 'Appening" Video

Anyone who's seen Michelangelo Antonioni's mysterious thriller L'Avventura knows Italian filmmakers like Antonioni have a knack for visually striking cinema that will leaves you with more questions than answers.

St Ranger's music video for "It's 'Appening" is a lot like that. There's imagery of people swimming around, which is quite the tease since it's not quite warm enough to visit the pool just yet. The song is warm and cheery, and the splashy water motif is perfect.

And then there are weird visuals like giant birds and random shots from Japan. If you thought MGMT's video for "Time to Pretend" was trippy, wait until you watch "It's 'Appening," the first single from the band's Life Coach EP.

The band recruited Federico Cosci, an Italian filmmaker to help realize their vision. "I think the theme of the video is the element of water, which completely compliments the song. When we recorded it, I definitely saw 'It's Appenin'' as the water song," says Andy Phipps, St Ranger's vocalist and guitarist.

Cosci layered a bunch of clips from YouTube and to create a multi-layered video.

"You can't understand totally what happened the first time, you focus on a detail and then you re-watch the video," says Cosci.

"We let him do his own thing. He had a first draft we didn't see because he wasn't satisfied. I appreciated that he wanted to get it perfect," says Phipps.

Check out St Ranger's latest music video after the jump.

St Ranger - It's 'Appening from Federico Cosci on Vimeo.

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