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St. Ranger: "Ohnowoe"

Although they have not produced at a very prolific pace thus far, the members of Phoenix indie pop group St. Ranger are on the verge of unleashing some serious noise. Friends since high school, the five members of St. Ranger began making music under the moniker in early 2010 and have cultivated a unique sound that utilizes overlapping vocals and pretty unique transitions. On the strength of this sound, St. Ranger has steadily built a following and is on the verge of embarking on a summer west coast tour. Until then, fans can find the boys performing every Friday night in July as the resident band at Long Wong's in Tempe. Up to this point, the group has produced two songs that are available over the Internet.

One of these recordings, "Ohnowoe," marked a turning point in the band's sound, moving it in a poppier and more structured direction. Due to this shift, the band will include the track on its forthcoming summer-themed EP. Inspired by his own preoccupation with death, St. Ranger songwriter Andrew Phipps created this beachy pop tune, whose candy-coated exterior covers up the darkness underneath.

Listen to "Ohnowoe" after the jump.

Ohnowoe by St Ranger

The story behind "Ohnowoe" revolves around a man who thinks he is dying and then finds out that he is actually going to live. Instead of being inspired by the new lease on life, however, the man is a little upset. Simply speaking, he was ready for death and does not cherish the thought of going through the daily grind of life all over again. Inspired musically by Weezer and Billy Joel, Phipps began the song on his own before handing it off to bassist Jake Ashton to play with. In the same fashion, every member of the band took turns adding their input.

Phipps on "Ohnowoe": "I want people to hear this catchy pop song that sounds happy and then really listen to it and see that it's actually pretty sad."

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