St. Vincent in 140 Characters or Less

Last night the Rhythm Room in Phoenix was packed with hipsters checking out indie pop artist St. Vincent, and they were quick to take to the interwebs to talk about what they thought of the show. Here's what was being said (and check out our interview with Annie Clark here.)

@smarti9: I have been slayed by the angelic and beautifully sinister sounds of @St_Vincent

@electrcmustache: Rythm Room is packed!!! I feel like a sardine. @st_vincent was so good. I could watch her every night.

@Emperor_norton: Opening for St.Vincent: Wildbirds&Peacedrums. Fucking awesome! Duo: girl singer with a gorgeous wailing tokyo-stomping voice + a dude percussionist. They laid out a tribal cacophony of beats, sweeter notes ringin out of steel drums, her voice soarin over the

@Emperor_norton: St. Vincent was really, really great. Short of being in a coma, there's no way in Hell I'll be missing her the next time she comes to town.

@henri_ng: back home from the Technicolor Dream Coat called St Vincent. Amazing show, photos and vidoes coming soon on Silverplatter.info!

@FLNGN: St. Vincent was pretty much amazing.

@DrewBadgett: St. Vincent was unbelievable! Such a great show. One problem was all the obnoxious indie kids yelling marry me over and over and giggling

@Ixchel15- Opening act was outstanding! http://bit.ly/Z6Zy Annie Clark's sweet voice was wonderfully adorned with full instrumentation

@caseinspace- The show was great.. for the fans, and there were plenty. For as moving as the music can be, it felt flat to me. Lacking...

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