Stabbing at Scottsdale's Rogue Bar After Argument Leaves Two Injured

Word has broken that an altercation took place early Sunday morning at the Rogue Bar in Scottsdale that resulted in two people being stabbed.

According to Scottsdale Police officials and a number of posts on Facebook, a dispute took place between patrons of the music venue about 1:30 a.m. during the weekly Rebel Yell dance night and escalated into violence.

Sergeant Mark Clark of the Scottsdale Police Department says two male patrons at the Rogue confronted the suspect in the stabbing, claiming he was hitting on their girlfriends. The man pulled a knife and stabbed one of his accusers in the face and the other in the arm. It is unknown whether the incident took place inside the bar or in the parking lot outside.

(UPDATE: Another Rebel Yell patron who witnessed the stabbing has disputed Scottsdale P.D.'s claim that the dispute was over the victim's girlfriends and other facts presented in the official report. More info is available on our follow-up blog.)

Local musician Katey Trowbridge, a keyboard player with The Rebel Set, was at the Rogue and witnessed the aftermath of the stabbing. She told New Times that she was standing at the bar with venue owner Manny Tripodis when they were alerted that the incident had taken place. Trowbridge added that the suspect also had hit on her several times during the evening.

"I was hanging out with Manny at the bar; somebody came up and told him that there was a fight. I walked with him toward the front door . . . and this guy who had been trying to dance with me all night had a knife in his hand," Trowbridge said. "[I] put my arm around him and escorted him out. Then that's when I realized he had already been stabbing people outside."

"My friends thought I was crazy," she added.

The man fled the scene, she said, and as patrons flagged down a passing Scottsdale P.D. cruiser.

According to Facebook, the victims were transported to nearby hospitals for treatment. According to Clark, their injuries were not life-threatening. It is unclear whether the suspect is in police custody at this time.

New Times has been unable to reach Tripodis for comment.

Stay tuned for details.

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