Starfucker At Modified Arts: New Name Coming Soon

Portland indie-electro outfit Starfucker are at a crossroads. They'll soon change their name to cope with their more widespread popularity -- no doubt possible with their accessible, fresh music. Despite all that potential, last night's show at Phoenix's Modified Arts was more of a testament to the band's dedicated fans, especially the select few who danced throughout the whole set, moving along with Starfucker's uptempo, energetic music. What started as an bleak, loud mess finally turned into an impressive showcase of energy, dedication and frenetic fun.

The band's set got off to a slow start, thanks in part to the subpar sound system at Modified Arts. Once that unfortunate issue was taken care of (after a band member had to step off-stage to get the attention of whomever was in charge of the soundboard, no less) Starfucker ripped into the ready and will crowd, playing a set heavy with songs off their latest LP Jupiter. The biggest reaction from the crowd, however, seemed to be when the band played songs from their eponymous debut album. When the opening bars of "German Love" hit the crowd, hands went up in the air and cheers emanated throughout the tiny space at Modified.

Starfucker plays a pretty uptempo kind of music, one that demands the band keep moving between songs, bridging them all together in one loud, electronic mess. At times the blips and synths were a bit much, perhaps overdone by Modified's kind of too loud sound system, but they were merely a small part in Starfucker's grand plans. The band delighted the crowd with songs like "Rawnald Gregory Erickson the Second" and "Isabella of Castile," giving the fans more fuel for their dance fire. Initial concerns that Starfucker's sound -- one that relies on keys and other pre-programmed sounds -- wouldn't translate that well live were easily put to rest through the band's polished stage presence. It was remarkable to watch the band enjoy themselves, engage the crowd and plow through song after song, hardly taking a second to catch their collective breath. The band from Portland with the silly name has become a real commodity in today's indie scene. Once Starfucker settles on a new name, they can finally put all of their focus on what naturally comes next: world domination.

Critic's Notebook:

Last Night: Starfucker at Modified Arts

Better Than: Spending an entire Sunday at Fall Frenzy.

Personal Bias: I am from Portland and Starfucker plays a genre of music that I cannot get enough of.

Random Detail: In case you didn't know, Starfucker is changing their name and taking requests from fans. They addressed this midway through their set.

Further Listening: "Florida" from their debut album Starfucker.

One More Thing: The recent news of Modified Arts' changing of the guard, dropping "big name" acts from its confines, kind of sucks, but after putting up with some awful sound last night, I will be glad to not have to see any shows there.

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