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Starfucker To Change Their Name, Let Fans Decide

Portland's hottest little electronic/dance/DIY band, Starfucker, is coming to The Valley soon -- October 4, to be exact -- but they may have a new name by then. The band has reconsidered their controversial moniker, deciding to take action and just get themselves a shiny (hopefully not shitty) new one. It seems the fellas did not see their band having quite the amount of success and popularity it has. What started out as a funny little in-house joke has erupted into a full-time job, and the band doesn't feel that "the name makes sense anymore..."

They are encouraging fans to submit their own names two ways -- either through e-mail at [email protected] OR at their merch table at their live shows. The deadline they have mentioned is "October 1st-ish." So, Valley fans, be sure to attend their show on October 4 in the hopes that they still haven't settled on a new name and are still taking your super-creative ideas.

For those wondering, I am from Portland myself and I have made no bones about my enthusiasm for Starfucker's self-titled debut. I am glad they are changing their name because it means the band has become popular and successful to the point that they will continue to provide us with their fantastic music. This name change will hopefully land them on more people's radars, perhaps those people who wouldn't give them the time of day due to their admittedly stupid name. There's no denying how off-putting/juvenile a name "Starfucker" really is, and this name change will only help the band evolve.

The band did an interview with Portland weekly newspaper the Portland Mercury yesterday, the details of which can be found here.

This is also great news because I can now utter the line, "Oh, I knew them back when they were called 'Starfucker'" and sound like a total badass.

Some frontrunners, in my opinion, in the comments section at BrooklynVegan include "Amber Rose's Shaved Head" (nice take on Seattle indie-poppers Natalie Portman's Shave Head) and "Dovves," because that is just funny in so many ways.

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