State of the (Punk) Union

Over at AZPunk.com, my friends and detractors are polling and discussing the state of punk here in Arizona. The thread is here, and this is what overlord TPStank has to say about it:

I'm trying to determine the current state of our community, and it's got me somewhat disappointed. In reflection on the last 5 years of AZPunk.com, there's no doubt to the great things that happen in our community. Unbreakable friendships have been forged. Great bands who have been at it for years are still playing for the fun of it. We can usually find something fun to do every night of the week, and know at least a handful of the people in the bar. Definitely fun times. But the music and venues seem stale.

It seems like the good points of what's going down right now are BANNED nights, Vaudeville in Tucson, and the HB gigs - all of which a majority of people on this board have never been to. Other than these, at least in my opinion, everything else seems pretty stale and very fickle. Are we too old now? Too tired? I myself don't really get out much these days. Mostly because when I do go out, I enjoy a bountaful collection of gin & tonics, and the threat of the possible DUI, mixed with a $40 cab ride back home makes organizing transportation a pain in the ass. This is my contribution to the lack of enthusiasm that looms over this community.

We all just seem kinda bored to me. I'd have to give us an honest 4.

Personally, I think some of us are too old to be out every night like the kids are (and I'm not that old), but from my perspective, where I examine every scene from country to hip-hop to dance music, punk rock's not doing too goddamn bad relatively. But let 'em know what you think, or just opine here in the comments section.

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