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Stellacutta: Stellacutta EP

Title: 2-song self-titled EP, containing the tracks "Schadenfreude" and "Inching The Foot"

Basics: Stellacutta are an young, unsigned 5-piece band from Tempe whose members all study music at Arizona State University. The band describes their current mission as wanting to get the word out about their music, but also -- in a most noble manner -- just sincerely wanting to give people great creative music to listen to.

Well, how about that? Some much-needed humility from an unsigned YAFI band. I wish that was always the case, yet there's always a Fat Tree for that.

Since there were only two songs on the EP, I will forgo the usual best song/worst song format and just review each track separately. 

"Schadenfreude:" The song gets off to an oddly-jumbled opening, with what sounds like everyone in the band singing the same lyric. On first listen, it is an odd notion -- subsequent listens reveal the chorus of singers to be rather endearing. The Stellacutta vocal reigns are split between Meredith Minne and Greg Diarra, with Minne taking the lead this time around. Her vocals are on point, a welcome concept. The song goes as far as Minne can carry it, and she most certainly has the chops. The band's overarching, grandiose sound on the track is even complimented by some violins near the end. For a first impression, Stellacutta create a rather impressive form.

"Inching The Foot:" Diregarding the corny pun in the song's title, the second song on the EP could quite possibly be the better of the two. As mentioned, vocal duties are split up in Stellacutta -- at least as this EP is concerned -- with Greg Diarra taking a more prominent role this time around. His deep, gruff-tastic vocals are nothing short of impressive and are a perfect compliment to Meredith Minne's singing style. The song features some intriguing keys, as well as some solid guitar playing from Max Knouse.

Suggestions: Stellacutta's official website, I should mention, is streaming both songs from the EP. According to the band, Stellacutta's debut album isn't too far from being released. I, for one, would be interested to hear Stellacutta's sound over 10 or so tracks. The band's sound leaves a lot of room for exploration and yes, goddammit, the possibilities are endless -- at least for a band like Stellacutta.

Grade: B+

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