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Stereotyperider CD release party

I hold in my hands the newly mastered Stereotyperider album, Prolonging the Inevitable, on a CD-R, the Sharpie permanent marker ink barely dried, with no artwork or bio or anything. Fine by me -- my ears tell me this is a seismic follow-up to their debut, Same Chords, Same Songs, Same Six Strings. So don't believe the self-defusing claims on track two, "I hope you can deal with all the songs that sound the same." After visiting some of the band members' favorite songs and bands of yore on the interim Under the Influence collection earlier this year, Stereotyperider becomes itself again with a barrage of sonic assaults that are all its own, occasionally bookended with brief snatches of instrumental noodling to give you, treasured listener, some breathing room. The bill for the CD release party is stacked with plenty of excellent bands as a kind of insurance that Stereotyperider won't make the mistake many other bands before them have -- getting too blitzed for its own CD release party to play semi-vertically.
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Serene Dominic
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