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Stereotyperider's Last Show is at Yucca Tap Room This Weekend

After 10 years in AZ music scene, once-hot indie-rock band Stereotyperider are calling it quits -- for good. The guys will say goodbye to their fans with a final show at Tempe's Yucca Tap Room Saturday, June 27. The show will also feature The Necronauts and The Reddmen and Stereotyperider will close out the night with a 20-plus track list of music, breaking down the performance with two lengthy sets.

"We've been through five guitar players in the last 10 years," Stereotyperider guitarist Anthony Germinaro shares. "After the fifth one quit, we just said 'fuck it.' We feel like we don't get the respect we should (in the scene). It's time to move on."

Germinaro says that four of five of the guitarists (the most recent one will not be on hand) will rotate during the band's performance at the 21-and-older show, which kicks off at 9 p.m.

"If anyone wants to come see Stereotyperider or ever wanted to see Stereotyperider, this is their last chance," Germinaro adds of the free show.

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Kelly Wilson