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Steve Wiley: How Much Money Is Music Worth To You?

How much is music worth to people?

This isn't a new question for me. For the past 25 years I've fed my family by selling the stuff. And even though I haven't operated a brick-and-mortar record store for almost a year now, I'm still as curious about it, and as relatively uncertain, as always.

After all, I'm still a music fan of the highest level. I was born that way. The big difference is that now I'm out here in the real world, making buying decisions as a consumer. No more promos. No more wholesale. No more first-look at the used buys. I'm a music consumer, just like you, spending my extra cash, looking at my options.

And one thing is pretty clear from this vantage point: Things have gotten to a place where I simply do not need to spend money on music to enjoy it.

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