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Story of the Year

It's been quite a few years since St. Louis band Story of the Year's mid-decade heyday, when they caught national attention with "Until the Day I Die" and "Anthem of Our Dying Day," captivating the Hot Topic set and unofficially cornering the market on songs about both death and days. In 2004, they toured with Linkin Park, P.O.D., and Hoobastank in an unrivaled conglomeration of that era's premier angsty dude rock. Since then, they've released a couple of less successful albums, played the Warped Tour, recorded a theme song for a pro wrestler, migrated to iconic punk label Epitaph Records, started a side project called Greek Fire, and got into a fight with Godsmack's roadies. Keeping busy, sure, but perhaps not as lucrative as having another hit single. But maybe things are starting to turn around for the guys: Their new record, February's The Constant, has received positive reviews from Absolute Punk and Alternative Press, and lead single "I'm Alive" is vintage Story of the Year — a charging build toward a catchy chorus of "I'm alive, but I'm barely breathing." They had so much success singing about dying in 2003, why not try a tune about living in 2010?
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Albert Ching
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