Stuff People Said During Innings Festival 2023 in Tempe

Magic City Hippies perform at Innings Festival on February 26, 2023.
Magic City Hippies perform at Innings Festival on February 26, 2023. Angela Rose Photography

Music festivals involve a lot of waiting — waiting for sets to start, waiting for food, waiting for the bathroom. One way we like to keep ourselves entertained during festival downtime is by eavesdropping on the conversations going on around us.

Here are some noteworthy quotes from Innings Festival 2023 in Tempe.

We all know Innings draws a mature crowd.
"I’m just really glad that he’s done teething." — Heard during the Annie DiRusso set.

Never underestimate Gen Xers with disposable income.
"There's a lot of money in nostalgia these days." — Someone surveying the crowd during Green Day.

That's just, like, your opinion, man.
"Ska sucks. Everyone knows it; ska sucks." — Someone leaving Heartless Bastards

Innings brought families together.
Dad: "Slow down, I'm old." Teenage daughter: "Get younger, bro."

We couldn't agree more.
"They need to put cupholders in these motherfuckers." — A woman leaving the porta-potties.

Nachos are key.
"Diamonds are a nice surprise but then there’s nachos." — A woman outside one of the bar areas

"I ain’t touching your toe meat." — Heard while waiting for Weezer

Pearl Jam fans are ... passionate.
"OH MY GOD, I'M IN HEAVEN" — Heard when Eddie Vedder started singing "Better Man"

Free doughnuts are not a crime.
"The cop says, 'Do you know why I pulled you over?' I said, 'Is it ‘cause I was handing out free doughnuts?!'" — Overheard after Paris Jackson

Dexter Holland of The Offspring: "We're gonna do a new song for you." Festivalgoer: "They have new songs?"

That's a jam band crowd for you.
"You’ve never seen so many dreadlocks in your life" — Someone leaving Umphrey’s McGee

Uh, if you say so.
"If you got a crotch, you’ve got to rock" — Overheard during Marcus Mumford
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