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If nothing else, we can thank Styx for burning the phrase "domo arigato, Mr. Roboto" into the public's memory — forever. Though the band is most respected for the string of staple hits it contributed in the '70s, it is remembered, like an athlete who hung just a bit too long in the game, just as much for the over-ambitious folly of its later concept albums. While casual fans may remember songs like "Lady," "Come Sail Away," and "Too Much Time on My Hands," Styx had already delved heavily into concepts before essentially being done in by the Roboto idea on its final album, Kilroy Was Here. Now reunited for a second time — sans original frontman Dennis DeYoung but still including high-profile members Tommy Shaw and James Young — Styx now happily does the dinosaur circuit. That means that, despite a string of recent output, fans are essentially going to relive the past. And, as always with reformed classic bands, fans will have to sit through more recent material when they'll really be feeling arigato-ful for the old stuff.
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Saby Reyes-Kulkarni