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Styx and REO Speedwagon Getting Gimmicky To (Hopefully) Sell Tickets

Normally I wouldn't put up a post announcing Styx and REO Speedwagon's "CAN'T STOP ROCKIN' 2009 TOUR" (coming to Dodge Theatre on May 15) but I can't help myself after this press release. These guys are really hustling to make it in a tough economy!

First, the 80s acts are recording a single together. "Can't Stop Rockin'," was written by REO Speedwagon's Kevin Cronin and STYX's Tommy Shaw and comes out later this month. It's kind of weird for two bands to release a single together, since singles were traditionally used to support album sales, but with acts like these making almost all their money touring, I guess anything that'll help that makes sense.

Second -- and much less creatively -- they're continuing this awful trend of branding various aspects of their tour a "stimulus plan." In this case, it's the limited amount of tickets they're selling for $13.50.

"The world is going through a weird phase, and everybody needs music now more than ever. We all need to join our friends, pool our resources, combine our energies, because there is power in people coming together. That spirit has brought REO and Styx together to write, record and tour together, and celebrate it all with the greatest fans in America," says Speedwagoner Kevin Cronin.

Well, hell, fellas, the least we can do let people know about it!

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