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Suckers @ Rhythm Room

Suckers is one of those Brooklyn bands that claims an isolated sound yet, in reality, sounds a lot like other Brooklyn bands (e.g., MGMT, CocoRosie) that make similar claims. Says vocalist Austin Fisher: "Even if we think we're doing a song that sounds like another song, we turn away from that." But, he admits, "I think it's kind of impossible to totally avoid [similarities], but we've always been concerned with being original and accessible at the same time. It's a continual struggle to find your own voice." Suckers' musical menagerie features '70s anthemic rock drumming, synth-y dance pop, gritty-to-jangly guitars, and ranging vocal harmonies — just not on every song, of course. "There isn't a foundation we build on — we all just start together," Fisher says. "Oh, the drum machine happened to be sitting next to somebody while we improvised? Well, that led to something else. We just go for it." Candy Salad, Suckers' just-released album, is something of a crazy joyride, dance-oriented, and poppy — but spacey and weird, too (though not "manic and schizophrenic," like their debut, Wild Smile)."Not all the songs are dance songs, but it's supposed to be fun music," Fisher adds. "I hope people will be dancing."

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