Sugarland Tells Cricket Wireless Pavilion Crowd to 'Put a Ring on It'

For all y'all who think country music is one-dimensional or the genre's singers aren't willing to shake things up, think again. Sugarland proved they're hip and stuff last night at their show at Cricket Wireless Pavilion, leaving the audience with a moment no one on the interwebs can shut up about--their covers of Beyoncé, Miley Cyrus and the Jackson 5.

They also gave the crowd a sneak peek at some new songs off their upcoming album, due this fall. The crowd response was overwhelmingly positive, and you can check out more of what fans thought of the show, with opener Julianne Hough from Dancing with the Stars, below.

@Sandiego4alwayz- just got back from the sugarland concert! It was sooooo much fun! Thanks mom:)

@MelSzymanski- Sugarland concert was amazinggg!

@ando83- @juliannehough just put on an awesome show before Sugarland. There is not a more beautiful human being. Great performance!

@StephhMariahh- thee Sugarland concert was Uhhhmazing! Yessss i

@JamieRaeHarvey- sugarland concert was aaaamazing! love alr, meg, cdg, jmg, and bep

@ginporte- Live at #sugarland concert-Sugarland just mixed their song with Single Ladies, Party in USA,and a Jackson 5 song.

@OutlawJB- Do NOT miss the "Incredible Machine Tour"!! What an incredible performance by Sugarland in Phoenix last night!

@dysfnctnly_sane- @Sugarlandmusic (I think that's their user ID) was freaking AWESOME tonight. Jennifer & Kristain, y'all ROCK! I

@DavidBegg24- Sugarland was awesome. Going to sleep soon and wake up bright and early to study for my film final then online soc final.

@AmandaBahe- Ok, Sugarland totally delivered - again! They even did mash-ups of 'Party in the USA,' 'Sweet Caroline,' and 'Single Ladies.' Loved it!!

@birdiebailey- Sugarland was amazingggg:) Played 3 songs from album releasing this fall-ALL great!

@iluvmykidz- Great show Sugarland!

@flynpixy- Sugarland puts on a hell of a show let me tell ya.

@brittelisee- Sugarland just sang 'All the Single Ladies' :) Love :) love everyone who I'm with. I'm blessed

@mikalala- sugarland singing party in the usa... I'm down :)

@PHNXScene- How cool, Sugarland just gave out an autographed guitar to a lucky fan in the crowd!! AND Jennifer just bust out w/ the Roger Rabbit!! Lol!

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