Suge Knight Now Beefing With Kanye? Rapper Vs. Has Been Label Boss in Miami Suit

If you've ever doubted Kanye West's place in the music game consider this: The man is now scrapping with legendary Death Row Records founder Suge Knight. You know, Suge. The guy who broke up N.W.A, dangled Vanilla Ice off a hotel balcony and stole Dr. Dre's long time lady.

Though seemingly separated by a generation, and without many obvious ties (Kanye is from Chicago and rolls with East Coast guys like Jay-Z -- Knight would be shot dead on sight in a few areas of Brooklyn) they apparently have a legal beef. According o NME, Knight blames West for a 2005 shooting at a night club in Miami. West threw the party, Knight took a bullet to the leg.

Knight is claiming security at the party was inadequate - a charge West and the club's owners have predictably denied. The suit will be heard in December, with Knight's lawyer Marc Brumer,claiming his client's medical bills totaled $200,000 and that he lost a $135,000 earring in the incident.

"How someone came with a gun into a very VIP party, that just doesn't meet the smell test in life," Brumer said.

How Suge Knight is still alive also seems to defy logic. The man has, understandably, been beat down a lot lately. Check out this artistic version of events of another fight or this video claiming to show Knight "knocked the fuck out," as Smokey would say.

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