I feel like it'd be a little cheesy to write a real "review" of a show I helped book but, suffice to say, our first Summer of Sound showcases kicked some ass Saturday night. In addition to our annual effort to spotlight the best local bands of five genres, we're bringing live music back to Tempe's Mill Avenue this year by putting shows back on a street where the surviving clubs long ago switched to DJs.

Summer of Sound Americana Show Brings Live Music To Mill

Check out

our slideshow

for shots of The Bellrays, Matthew Reveles, The Sugar Thieves, The Cartwheels and Tractor Pull Divas at Mill Cue Club, which proved to be an awesome place for a show. It was a great night -- and not just because SoCo and Budweiser were offering up sweet deals.

Also keep your eyes peeled for the next four shows, which will be announced very soon.

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