Sun Sessions: Darkness Dear Boy Does Three Doors Down

Yes, that's right, we've got another Sun Session for you today! What, you didn't think we'd just do one this week? This is probably the biggest music weekend of the year in Phoenix!

The Sun Session, in case you missed yesterday's post (featuring Jim Bachmann and Tony Martinez playing Alan Jackson's "Chasin' That Neon Rainbow") are our way of previewing a big show by a national act while giving a local act a chance to strut their stuff. We're bringing local musicians in to do a cover they don't normally play in the friendly confines of the New Times courtyard. KCRW has long done this on Morning Becomes Eclectic's Covers Project, of course, and, in Phoenix, The Train Tracks, a site New Times is proud to sponsor, also does this sort of thing, but with bands playing their regular songs while riding the newish Metro Light Rail.

Anyway, right here we've got our friends Darkness Dear Boy, who I wrote a column about last month, playing Three Doors Down's "Be Like That" along with the violinist from Whats Left. By the way, the Next show for DDB (and Whats Left) will be at The Stray Cat on Friday, April 10. Mergence and Sawcello are also on the bill. $5 cover.

Three Doors down play Tempe Music Festival tommorow night.

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