Sun Sessions: The Loveblisters Play The Flaming Lips' "Fight Test"

We've been telling you all week about The Loveblisters' last show, Saturday at Last Exit, because it's going to be epic. The band is one of the best local live acts you'll ever see, and they should be letting it all hang out tomorrow.

You know what else is going to be epic? The Flaming Lips show at McDowell Mountain Music Festival in two weeks. We decided to combine the two for our latest installment of The Sun Sessions, the little covers project we're filming right here at the New Times office in downtown Phoenix. It's probably the last promotional appearance the band will ever make, so we really appreciate it. Check out their take on "Fight Test" below, and, please, don't miss either the 'Blisters or the Lips shows.

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Martin Cizmar
Contact: Martin Cizmar