Super Bowl XLIII, Derby Dames and O.A.R. Over the Weekend

Steelers Win Super Bowl XLIII and Nothing's Well In Cardinal-Ville
At Upper Deck in Scottsdale hundred leave dejected after the Arizona Cardinals lost to the Pittsburgh Steelers on February 1, 2009. Meanwhile Steelers fans raise their terrible towels to the sky.

See: a slide show of depressed Cardinals fans and elated members of Steeler Nation.

AZ Derby Dames Season Opener In Photos
The AZ Derby Dames rocketed on to the rink for the official fourth season opener on January 31, 2009. As these battlefield betties beat each other to bits, L.A.'s Devil Doll provided a kickin' soundtrack.

See: shots from the opener in our AZ Derby Dames slide show.

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O.A.R. at The Bird's Nest In Scottsdale
I have to admit, before New Times music editor Martin Cizmar asked me if I wanted to review O.A.R.'s show at the Birds Nest, I was only peripherally familiar with the band. "Aren't they a hippie jam band?" I asked. Fortunately, the chicks in my life came to the rescue to give me a crash course: My girlfriend loaned me a CD and my sister DVR'ed some concert they played at Madison Square Garden, so I was practically an O.A.R. expert by the time last night's show rolled around...full story

See: a slide show of O.A.R.'s performance at The Bird's Nest

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Jonathan McNamara