Swedish DJ John Dahlbäck Wants "Emotional Breakdowns" at His Shows

John Dahlbäck may not be a well-known name within the EDM scene in America, but the 26-year-old producer is quickly on the rise. After all, he was unknown in his homeland of Sweden once, and now he packs clubs there and in London, where he's currently stationed.

His intense house sound is hard to ignore. He's got a real touch for hooks: His remix of Alanis Morissette's "Underneath" places brief loops of her distinct voice over a thumping bass and rumbling synths, allows for a pop-rock breakdown, and then switches back to the trance-y bliss of the song's start. His own tunes are even more infectious; "One Last Ride," featuring Erik Hassle has the kind of effervescent glow of indie-tronica's best and a house groove perfect for the dance floor.

We spoke with Dahlbäck about his upcoming show at Wild Knight in Scottsdale, how his productions fall into place, and remixing one of the '90s biggest hit-makers.

John Dahlbäck is scheduled to perform Friday, April 27, at Wild Knight in Scottsdale.

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