T-Rextasy Make Indie Punk Music As Sharp as Dino Teeth

The prehistoric girl power of T-Rextasy
The prehistoric girl power of T-Rextasy Andrew Piccone
click to enlarge The prehistoric girl power of T-Rextasy - ANDREW PICCONE
The prehistoric girl power of T-Rextasy
Andrew Piccone
“Fuck that kid — he didn’t even know how to play the banjo right,” the “dashing dino dames” of New York’s T-Rextasy sneer on “Gap Yr Boiz.” An anthem about unimpressive dudes who’d rather yurt it for their “gap year” than make out, it’s a catchy, cathartic song that lets the ladies of T-Rextasy land some sick dunks on men.

While they share a name with a Marc Bolan tribute act in the U.K., T-Rextasy are more interested in getting glammed up and having fun than in exhuming the bones of glam rock. On 2016’s Jurassic Punk, they make good on their stated ambition to obliterate the patriarchy by unleashing eight irresistible earworms that lodge themselves in your brain like a velociraptor’s teeth in your throat.

Composed of Lyris Faron (vox), Lena Abraham (guitars), Vera Kahn (guitars), Annie Fidoten (bass), and Ebun Nazon-Power (drums), T-Rextasy’s bubblegum-punk music recalls the loose and playful spirit of old Olympia bands. Imagine Bratmobile singing about girl germs, or Beat Happening’s Calvin Johnson singing about hangmen and picnics, and you’ve got a feel for the kind of vibe that these prehistoric punkettes are going for. Just don’t call them twee: Their claws and fangs are way too sharp for that sort of thing.

T-Rextasy. With Dadadoh and Bonzales. 7:30 p.m. Sunday, August 19, at The Lunchbox, 4132 East McDowell Road; Tickets are $8 via Eventbrite.
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