Taboo (The Black Eyed Pea No One Knows, Who is Boycotting Arizona) Skewered Mercilessly on SNL

Do you know who Taboo is?

Well, as is mentioned a few times in the video above, a sketch from this week's Saturday Night Live, he's a member of The Black Eyed Peas.

Why do you care? Understandably, most people don't. However, since Taboo (real name: Jaime Luis Gomez) has the distinction of being the only person associated with one of the top 50 touring acts of 2010 who has signed up for The Sound Strike boycott of Arizona, it's worth laughing along as his irrelevancy is mercilessly skewered by SNL.

This is great stuff, and the show didn't even address any of the actually hilarious facts about "Tabby:"

1. Tabby wrote a memoir. I have a copy of it sitting on my desk and it's pretty hilarious, starting with the fact that the best person he could find to write an endorsement blurb for the dust jacket was his own better-known bandmate, Fergie. Here's a little taste:

"Born in East L.A. in an area notorious for street gangs and poverty, Taboo was haunted by that environment, which seemed certain to shape his destiny. Yet, steered by his dreams to be a performer and assisted by fate, the young Taboo was thrown a rope when he discovered the world of hip-hop, where talent and love of the music itself transcended all. Supported by his one true champion, his grandmother Aurora, Taboo chased his dreams with a relentless tenacity. He refused to surrender, regardless of what life threw at him-- including becoming a father at age eighteen."

2. Tabby has a black belt in Ninjutsu.

3. Some of Tabby's hobbies include drinking booze, smoking pot and popping pills. Also driving. At the same time, natch.

4. Here's another taste of that book:

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"But even after the Black Eyed Peas beat seemingly insurmountable odds and achieved stardom, it wasn't all Grammys and platinum albums. Taboo delivers a searingly honest account of his collision with fame's demons, including his almost career-ending struggle with drug addiction and alcoholism. He takes us deep into a world few of us can even imagine: a show-business heaven that became a self-made hell. But inspired by the love of his family and tapping anew into the wellspring of self-belief that had sustained him in the past, Taboo learns to keep his demons at bay, his addictions in check."

5. Tabby is boycotting Arizona because our dumbass state legislature passed a racist law, SB 1070, which was subsequently blocked before it could take effect. Arizona's law was, of course, far from unique, being "eerily similar" to a law the shamefully bigoted voters of his own home state of California passed a decade ago. Just like in Arizona, the courts blocked the bigots in California from getting their way, though voters never "repealed" the measure as Sound Strikers are demanding of Arizona before agreeing to call off their protest. One could certainly argue that California deserves to be boycotted just as much as Arizona does. Not that hypocritical fakes like Taboo care much about that.

6. As far as I can tell, Taboo's voice doesn't even appear on his group's latest big single, "The Time (Dirty Bit)." Based on the song's video, it seems he may be one of the big gang of people who scream "I'm... Having.. A... Good... Time!" but it's just as possible the artistically useful members of the group just rounded up some stragglers near their studio to do it.

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