Taio Cruz and Kesha Love "Dirty Picture"s

Does anyone else find the new Taio Cruz single with Kesha to be a little creepy?

It's called "Dirty Picture," and you can probably guess from the title the track is about Cruz getting his lover(s) to send me dirty pictures for his enjoyment.

It wouldn't as be as disturbing of a single if the song featured a monogamous relationship. We know that isn't the case, though, based on the music video. The clip features many women groping Cruz, so who knows how many dirty pictures he's getting and what he would do with them. This "Break Your Heart" guy likely doesn't care about the feelings of his conquests, so it's no surprise if these dirty pictures end up in the hands of his friends or splayed all over the Interwebs.

Just why should you, you lucky lady of many, send a dirty picture to Cruz? He explains: "I could dream of ways to see you. I could close my eyes to dream. I could fantasize about you, tell the world what I believe. But whenever I'm not with you, it's so hard for me to see. I need to see a picture of you, a special picture just for me." Riiiighhtt, Taio. Just for you. Yeah.

Kesha, the oh-so-classy lady she is, happily obliges, by singing, "When you're all alone, boy, I got something to give ya. Will you play along, if I take a dirty picture?" Forget about the fact Kesha just rhymed "ya" and "picture". What's even more noteworthy is the irony of the lyrics, considering Kesha herself got into hot water for a picture of her covered in semen that she supposedly sent to an ex-boyfriend, which later made its rounds on the Internet, which she later refused to talk about. It would probably mean more if Kesha sang a song about the dangers of sending dirty pictures to people, since they can affect your reputation, career, relationships with family, etc. There is no word of that in this song, just lusty lyrics promoting the dirty pictures.

It's sad that couples have to be careful about sending risque photos to their significant others because of the risks that come along with doing so nowadays. It's a liability that shouldn't be carelessly ignored, though, like in this song, and people who are going to show themselves
off to their lovers should also keep in mind they might be showing themselves off to the whole world if things ever turn sour.

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Nicki Escudero
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