Take Cover: Bogan Via Covers Department of Eagles

Bogan Via is fairly new to the local music scene, but has already made a striking impact on their audiences. The Phoenix-based pair plays a mixture of folk and indie pop that combines vocal harmonies with acoustic guitar and keyboard to shake up the typical boy-girl-indie-duo dynamic.

I swung by Dustin Youso's backyard birthday/going away party to record Bogan Via's take on "No One Does It Like You" by Department Of Eagles. "I just love that they use their voices as instruments and there's so many great harmonies," says vocalist/keyboardist Madeleine Miller.

"They're probably one of the bands that I respect the most. The songwriting is ridiculous, there's just so much talent with the vocals. I've always been really attracted to harmonies and it's a song that suits our personality," adds Bret Bender (vocals, guitar).

Bogan Via's is scheduled to perform Friday, February 11 with The Madera Strand at The Trunk Space. Check out Bogan Via's version of "No One Does It Like You" after the jump.

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