Take Cover: Sweetbleeders Cover PJ Harvey

PJ Harvey's musical style suits Sweetbleeders well. These local rockers were spot on in reproducing her sound, even though a man was singing her songs.

The idea to cover PJ Harvey arose when Stateside Presents' Charlie Levy asked the band to play Cover the Crescent a few weeks ago. Vocalist Robin Vining agreed and initially offered to play some Fiona Apple Songs.

"Out of the million artists that you can cover I don't know why we went with PJ Harvey," said drummer Steve Dueck. "I think we just thought it would be more fun. There's a certain sense of androgyny. I think that's what I like about PJ Harvey too...there aren't many women artists who do the kind of things that she does," replied Vining.

It is not likely that "Hair" or any other PJ Harvey song will show up in a Sweetbleeders set any time soon--"If we're playing for three or four hours we might. If we're playing for 40 minutes, probably not," says Vining.

Sweetbleeders' next show is at The Trunk Space on Monday, February 13 with Parenthetical Girls.

We swung by bassist David Marquez's house in downtown Phoenix to hear Sweetbleeders' take on PJ Harvey. Check it out after the jump.

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Phoenix.