Take Cover: The Captives Cover The Cure

See also: Take Cover: Fate of the Galaxies Cover The Cure Robert Smith is a weird dude-- his disheveled hair and smeared red lipstick make his appearance as recognizable as his vocal style. It was only natural for Tom Laman, vocalist of The Captives to include some theatrics in his Cure cover. He sat on the ground and played with a flashlight while singing and avoiding being poked by a mic stand as the band covered "In Between Days."

"'In Between Days' is actually one song that I've been obsessed with since I was a very small kid. [The Cure is] one of the bands that really influenced me to play guitar and write music," says guitarist Eddie Lebario, who also DJs at Shadowplay under the moniker of DJ Manchester.

Shadowplay, a monthly '80s/Britpop dance party at Rips Ales and Cocktails helped motivate The Captives to start performing music again after almost a year hiatus. The band arranged a Cure set for last week's Shadowplay, and will most likely perform some more covers in addition to original material at Hollywood Alley on Saturday, September 22. Lebario has about four hours of stage time, which will be split between The Captives and a DJ set.

Robert Smith has a knack for bringing people together, whether it's through The Cure's music or defeating evil Barbra Streisand robots.

"[The Cure covers] were almost an easy thing for us to do because it's something we're all passionate about. We love The Cure, we always have, it's one of the things that brought every member together," says Laman.

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