Take Cover: The Copper Keys Cover Frank Turner

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I may be biased, but I think Frank Turner is one of those underrated artists everyone should know about. He blew me away at The Rhythm Room last year and stole the show once again when he opened for Social Distortion in February. The problem is, most people don't know who he is, which is why The Copper Keys sometimes get credited with performing "I Still Believe" as an original song.

"I've had a lot of people approach us and be like, 'Oh, which one of you guys wrote that song?' None of us," says drummer Arianne Hermida.

"That's one reason I actually don't like to play that song too often," adds guitarist Steve Joze. "I really like that song, but I don't want to be credited with it and have [the audience] find out it's not actually us."

We met up with The Copper Keys on their front lawn to hear their take on "I Still Believe." We're sad to report that The Copper Keys have disbanded, but it's still worth listening to their twist on "I Still Believe." Spoiler alert: There's a kazoo.

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