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Take Cover: The Love Me Nots Cover "Soul Kitchen" by The Doors

See also: Fatigo Covers Depeche Mode The Love Me Nots' Nicole Laurenne and Michael Johnny Walker have been married for four years, but if it wasn't for The Doors, they may have never met.

"That song, ["Soul Kitchen"], my old band used to cover it," says Laurenne. "We used to do the X version of it. Michael was in the audience, and that was the night we met. My trivia question to the audience was what two bands made this song famous and he guessed it. He won the CD and that's how we met."

"And won the phone number," Walker adds.

The Love Me Nots have their hands full next weekend. On Friday, April 20, the band plays at The Sail Inn for PhoChella and Crescent Ballroom for a stoner rock-themed version of Cover the Crescent. In honor of Record Store Day on the Saturday, April 21, the band embarks on a mini-tour of Phoenix record shops, playing Revolver Records, Stinkweeds, and the Zia Records on Thunderbird.

We caught up with The Love Me Nots to hear their take on "Soul Kitchen." Their drummer, Jay Lien, lives in New York and bassist Sophie O was busy with school, so Laurenne and Walker recruited their friend Lindsey Bair to fill in on acoustic guitar. Believe it or not, this was Bair's first attempt at playing the song. Check it out after the jump.

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