Sunday, Sunday, Taking Back Sunday!EXPAND
Sunday, Sunday, Taking Back Sunday!
Ariff Danial

Taking Back Sunday Are a Throwback to Your Emo Years

Every angsty adult remembers being a little baby emo at one point. Who could forget using a razor to style your hair, blaring My Chemical Romance much to your parents’ dismay (they never understood you anyways), or waiting all year to let your angst out at Warped Tour (RIP)? The angst! The AIM drama! The Invader Zim obsession! Did we mention the angst? The Black Parade is fraught with twists and turns.

If you were emo, there is no doubt that your everyday life was soundtracked by Taking Back Sunday. The O.G. emo band is still going strong despite losing founding member Eddie Reyes. Whether or not their popularity still being held together by the wave of emo nostalgia is up for debate, but the fact remains that Taking Back Sunday is an iconic band of the emo upbringing and “MakeDamnSure” will forever be a jam. Best part? They are co-headlining with progressive metal band Coheed and Cambria and pop punk band The Story So Far. Wear black and prepare for plenty of angst.

Taking Back Sunday & Coheed and Cambria. 6:30 p.m. Sunday, August 12 at Comerica Theatre, 400 West Washington Street; 602-379-2800; comericatheatre.com. Tickets are $42 to $90 via Live Nation.

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