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Halloween celebrated by adults can be a frightening concept. Even though we're too old to be afraid of ghouls and ghosts, there are plenty of scary things to witness. Poorly conceived costumes make everyone cringe, but the real horror is having to stare at overgrown bellies and saddlebags squeezed into spandex superhero outfits. We did our best to avoid such vomit-inducing visuals and headed to the Yucca Tap Room on Saturday, October 27, for its Halloween celebration, where we went to trick-or-treat for some major eye candy. (Click here for more photos.)

The place was spilling over with a rambunctious crowd that embraced the holiday spirit and donned some killer getups. The costumes ranged from clever to sexy to downright offensive, but we loved every minute of it. And, unlike past years, we spied hardly anyone who missed the mark. The dudes sported witty costumes, while the chicks took full advantage of the excuse to show off their hot bodies by impersonating slutty characters.

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Lilia Menconi
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